Introduction to Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Training in Hyderabad


Powered by cutting-edge curriculum and expert instructors, this program provides an unparalleled introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Training in Hyderabad. The program starts with the introduction of two of the most popular languages - Python & R followed by a detailed survey of necessary Mathematical and Statistical concepts. We then introduce to all the important topics of AI & ML with real-world exercises. We end the course with a capstone project that encapsulates all the learning with a comprehensive project that covers all aspects of Data Science learned in the course.


Introduction to Data Science

  • Growing importance of Data Sciences
  • Importance of Machine Learning and AI
  • Objectives of the course and how to be a practical data scientist.


  • Probability and Statistics Probabilistic
    • Calculation & Sampling Conditional Probability, Bayesian Statistics
  • Linear Algebra
    • Scalars and Vectors
    • Matrices
    • Eigen Values and Eigen Vectors,
    • Linear Regression, Logistic regression, Analysis of Variance, Case Study on Regression, Distance Functions
  • Descriptive Statistics
    • Mean, Median, Median and Quartile, Variance, Skewness and Kurtosis
    • Binomial, Poisson and Normal Distributions Correlation and Covariance
  • Inferential Statistics, Hypothesis Testing and Confidence Interval
  • Optimization Techniques
    • Gradient Descent Algorithm
    • Stochastic Gradient Descent Algorithm
    • Testing Convexity
  • Dimensionality Reduction
  • SVD and PCA

Programming Languages

  • Programming Concepts
    • Python
      • Python 3.7 Overview
      • Environment Setup : Pycharm, Jupyter
      • Basic Syntax
      • Variable Types
      • Loops
      • Data Structures : Lists, Dictionaries, Tuples
      • Functions
      • Libraries and Packages : NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib and Seaborn
      • File Handling
      • Exception Handling

Machine Learning & AI

  • Introduction to Machine Learning Tools and Landscape for ML
  • Supervised Learning
    • Tree based Algorithms
    • Support Vector machines
    • Naïve Bayes
    • Random Forest
    • Gradient Boosting
    • K Nearest Neighbors
  • Unsupervised Learning
    • K Means Clustering
    • Hierarchical Clustering
  • Artificial Neural Networks
    • Introduction to ANN
    • Tensor Flow and Keras
    • Back Propagation Algorithm
    • Activation Functions
    • Regularization
    • Dropouts

Case Study Scenarios Covered

  • Programming exercises in Python & R
  • Data Visualization in R and Python
  • Case Study on Tree Based Algorithms
  • Case Study on Regression
  • Case Study on Data Analysis
  • Case Study on Dimensionality Reduction
  • Case Study on Naive Bayes
  • Case Study on KNN and SVM
  • Case Study on Unsupervised Learning
  • Case Study on Gradient Descent Algorithm
  • Case Study on Stochastic Gradient Descent
  • Case Study on ANN

Advanced Course Overview

Capstone Project

Why Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Course

Artificial Intelligence or AI has already reached citizen scale making its mark in everyday applications such as healthcare, e-commerce, automobiles, financial services, defense etcetera. In layman terms, it is yet another zone of computer science that concentrates on the creation of intelligent machines that do the work of humans and indeed act like them. Prameya DS holds the best artificial intelligence training in Hyderabad with a complete collection of advanced cognitive science, various level of mathematical concepts such as probability, calculus, algorithms, statistics, and multiple programming languages and coding.

Since Artificial Intelligence is to perform the logical tasks without the presence of a human, a lucrative Artificial Intelligence Course in Hyderabad must be needed to learn the nitty-gritty details and Prameya DS produced it for you. Our program starts with the essential languages - Python and R followed by a detailed survey of Mathematical and Statistical concepts.

Next, we head to Machine Learning - an application of Artificial Intelligence(AI) where the machines are expected to learn for themselves. The Machine Learning Training in Hyderabad holds an advanced career program that includes Distributed Computing, Advanced Signal Processing Techniques, Data Modelling & Evaluation, Probability & Statistics, Programming languages. Since Machine Learning makes comprehensive use of AI, Prameya DS offers a sophisticated Machine Learning Course in Hyderabad by helping the aspirants secure a successful career in their dynamic profession

Get the advanced Artificial Intelligence Training in Hyderabad and step into the world of exceptional career opportunities that scale up your career.


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