Why Prameya

Prameya Data Sciences has put together experts from top companies such as Microsoft, Amazon and Dell to design a curriculum, embedded with theoretical data science concepts rooted in sound practical, real-world case studies, allowing students to participate in hands-on training. Prameya DS is all about helping you receive the tools you need to master some of the data science problems that are prevalent in the industry. Additionally, here at Prameya DS, you’ll not only gain the skills you need to be a successful data scientist, but also you will build meaningful, life-long connections with your peers and mentors.



Prameya’s faculty comprises of working professionals, from the leading companies in the US and India involved with cutting-edge technologies in Big Data and AI/ML. Prameya courses are conducted in both the countries. Also, we have an affiliation with the university to ensure the academic rigor in the coursework.



Prameya has designed a rigorous hands-on program coupled with university affiliation to get both hands on practice and a solid understanding of theory. Each course is designed with several case studies and ends with a capstone project. With most of the faculty being practicing engineers from top companies from across the world you will be trained in dealing with practical problems that data scientists face.



Prameya focuses on Big Data and ML/AI alone. This intense focus on specific areas of computer science helps us to provide a solid foundation in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and Big Data technologies. It also enables us to establish deep relations in the industry constantly looking forwell-trained professionals.



To ensure minimum disruption to your job/classes, all our coursework is held only in the weekends. Course work is delivered in person and on video by experts world wide and by academicians from leading university. Through this blended selection of faculty, you get the best of both worlds – rigorous academic exposure, teaching in class and on video by world wide experts. Learning is further reinforced by hands-on lab practice with faculty.



Prameya faculty is from reputed companies across the world spear heading latest advancement in the industry and from academic institutions. Prameya will facilitate in providing high-quality interaction with top minds. Mentoring from professionals from the industry, guest lectures from executives helps you to network with the best in the industry. Besides, we provide additional career support through resume workshops and interview preparation sessions. We also share career opportunities with leading companies and help you with all aspects of career development.



The capstone project is an important aspect of the course. Students are given multiple real-world projects to choose from to enable them to further master specific areas of interest. We also provide constant support from faculty and industry experts to help you guide along the process to make the appropriate technical design choices.